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Bye-Bye Allergies

Bye-Bye Allergies is a natural way to be rid of allergies, intolerances and other immunity disorders that you may be facing. This method uses a combination of acupressure, osteopathy, kinesiology, homeopathy, Transactional analysis, so as to help the body regain it’s full potential.
To achieve this the Bye-Bye Allergies practitioner with search with you the elements (chemical or emotional) that create the disorders using the muscular test in kineoslogy to see what needs to be treated and then treat those elements. The bye-bye allergy method treats the person as a whole. Each problematic element is treated individually so to ensure you that we take things step by step and so that your body can process the information.

The first consultation will be longer than the others as we will test basic elements called mixes that include elements within each individual, elements often over looked. Theses mixes include mixes of calcium, vitamin C, cereals and other mixes that reflect our constitution and elements in your daily lives.

As most things in life are complicated, by taking the time to go back to the chemical foundations we will reinforce the whole body’s strength and energy (another way to see this would be like in Chinese medicine where we would be making sure the Qi is distributed and used correctly).

If unbalanced these elements will create a stress in your body, the body will then manifest this stress in symptoms that can be linked to allergies, intolerances or even slight disagreements.
By looking at each element individually and making sure that these elements are balanced, we will already be helping you.


The first consultation will allow us to analyze your situation and allow us to see where Bye-Bye Allergies can help you.

This consultation will be longer than one where we will treat an allergen. As within this consultation we will test the basic elements of our constitutionality and some substances we are in constant contact with. We do this so to see the bigger picture. By doing this together we will see what needs to be done.

Once we have identified our course of route, we will discuss and decide together of a treatment strategy.


We are complex people. The BBA method is a simple method that takes this into consideration and allows a deep healing by going back to the basics to ensure that we start at the beginning so that our chemical foundation is cleaned. In so doing we reinforce the bodies strength and in the visions of Chinese medicines we make sure that the Qi is correctly distributed and used correctly.
We often over look the simple elements, because they are an integrated part of our constitution and our lives. Simple elements are often overlooked discard there importance and the fact that they are in those more complex elements known as allergens.

Allergies, intolerances and other immunity disorders are the body’s way of evacuating stress and discomfort. By using the BBA method, we will first ensure that the basic elements of the body are correctly processed, and then progressing towards the allergens if they need to be treated.

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